Multi-Agency Collaboration

Communicate. Integrate. Share.

ConceptSolutions offers Multi-Agency Collaboration services to satisfy a variety of customer needs. We serve as the logistical centerpiece for small to large scale projects, employing numerous process controls and constraints to maintain reliable project operations for our clients and coordinating with multiple stakeholder agencies. Our team is also skilled in managing geographically dispersed efforts, including simultaneously managing program efforts in 11 different locations across the United States, including Alaska. We also provide policy, marketing, and government outreach services in supporting multi-agency collaborative efforts.

ConceptSolutions incorporates our Cloud Computing and Enterprise Web 2.0 technology in our program management solutions, allowing our team to successfully manage all aspects of the program regardless of where they are located. Leveraging these technologies in our management solutions also affords our customers the ability to track progress through the various systems and reporting capabilities. Through these collaborative efforts, we integrate the FAA and other organizations, including the DoD and DHS, allowing all stakeholders to communicate mission-critical information in an easy-to-use environment.