“Easily build a consolidated Situational Awareness tool to display and manage current threats from air, ground, and sea.”


A proven framework based on the innovative way we combine open-source and COTS technologies, to quickly build custom enterprise-class GIS solutions.

 Industry leading Data Fusion capabilities:
– Dynamic and Static GIS data
– Virtually unlimited # of data sources
– Handles Big Data volumes

Built-in emitter capability for streaming over 50,000+ coordinates live with 1 second refresh

Includes analytic and reporting capabilities…for better intelligence

Interactive features to allow Search, Geo-fencing, highlight/flag areas of interest, private and group messaging

User customizable interface to show multiple displays, reports and analytics, and data layers

Administrative console for user account management

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“Built for speed – ingesting, fusing, displaying, interacting, collaborating…even in low-bandwidth locations.”

Additional features:

– Predictive features for better situational awareness

– Embedded video chat for real-time collaboration

– Draw shapes based on geographic layers

– Workflows & data input to better manage events

– Mobile device ready