Situational Awareness & Surveillance

Surveillance. Intelligence. Integration.

Our aviation goal is simple: enabling the national strategy for airspace transportation safely and efficiently, using the best technology available in the most cost effective manner. We coordinate with the FAA, DoD, DHS, and other stakeholders to meet the evolving requirements, priorities, and implementation needs of national air surveillance resources. On our various projects, we work with our clients, maintaining our 24/7 technologies to integrate intelligence, information, and surveillance data within the National Airspace System (NAS). Through the use of our solutions, we are enabling the FAA, DoD, DHS, and law enforcement to discriminate between legitimate flights and aircraft that may pose a security threat and providing key stakeholders with the necessary intelligence, including four dimensional airspace data. ConceptSolutions supports the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) initiative beginning with our work at the FAA JPDO and now with FAA ANG, as well as on programs involving the DoD and DHS. We leverage Cloud Computing, our AvenGIS solutions, and other technologies, equipping NextGen stakeholders with the most efficient technology to successfully execute Air Domain Awareness through the NextGen implementation.

Our team develops secure, real-time information management systems that offer invaluable online airspace information to, and coordination among, a variety of government, military and civilian agencies. We create a broad range of vital applications, such as airspace monitoring and scheduling, encrypted communications gateways, Global Positioning/Wide Area Augmentation Systems, and authoritative auditing and reporting. ConceptSolutions proudly support our clients’ situational knowledge needs to create an active, layered aviation and security defense to protect against the 21st century threats.

Our solutions focus on assisting our clients in protecting against 21st century threats, maximizing air domain awareness.

“Our TurboGIS solution lets us easily build a consolidated Situational Awareness tool to display and manage current threats from air, ground, and sea.”