Concept Solutions, LLC Awarded New Contract with NAV CANADA


Concept Solutions, LLC is thrilled to announce a new contract with NAV CANADA. This collaboration will see the development of a two-phased software product. The first phase, already launched on August 1st and for a limited period, focuses on accommodating aircraft in Class A airspace that do not meet the Canadian ADS-B Mandate. This solution allows NAV CANADA to visualize and communicate to air traffic controllers information related to flight routes for un-equipped aircraft, which includes the available conventional radar coverage for each flight.

Mr. Bill Wright, CTO of Concept Solutions, LLC, commented, “This partnership with NAV CANADA exemplifies our commitment to innovative solutions and agile development. Leveraging the AvenGIS platform, we’re proud to efficiently deliver cutting-edge technology that addresses real-world challenges in the aviation sector.”
The upcoming second phase will enhance the system by introducing an Altitude Reservation (ALTRV) request management feature. This will streamline NAV CANADA’s internal processes and foster efficient interactions with international Air Navigation Service Providers, including the US’s FAA.

This innovative solution is built on Concept Solutions’ AvenGIS framework, a flexible GIS platform tailored for mission-oriented applications. The platform’s extensibility enabled the development of the application in mere weeks, a testament to AvenGIS’ capability and the efficiency of modern software development practices.
The partnership between NAV CANADA and Concept Solutions, LLC is set to run until July 2024, with potential extensions up to July 2029.