ConceptSolutions Demonstrates Enterprise Web 2.0 Solutions for Oracle Database Developers


Reston, VA – May 8, 2008 – ConceptSolutions ( presents a learning session on its Enterprise Web 2.0 offering – AJAX for ORACLE: Creating Enterprise-class Rich Internet Applications from your Oracle Database. In this session, we will demonstrate building rich internet applications using Ajax and Oracle fused together in TURBO, an Enterprise Web 2.0 solution.

Enterprise adoption of Web 2.0 technology has been slow due to security concerns around Ajax, the lack of integration with back-end systems, and the need to retrain IT developers to leverage this new technology in a secure enterprise environment. As written on Ajaxian, “most of the current frameworks are really focused on the client-side of things and yes, it would certainly be nice to have some tighter integration with backend systems.” Also, “Ted Farrell, the exec setting technical and strategic direction of Oracle’s own development tools, told The Register that most AJAX frameworks focus on the interface and pay lip service to the most challenging part – integration with back-end servers. Adopting AJAX-based rich interfaces and internet-based applications at this stage could leave their organizations stranded in the future, lacking either skills or an upgrade path to continue working, he argues.” TURBO has addressed all of these issues to ensure safe presentation of enterprise information, while making it easy to develop rich web applications from its extensive development library.

The next offering in the MAOP Brown Bag Lunch series will be presented by John Krahulec, one of the founders and COO, Concept Solutions. This presentation will be of interest to Oracle PL/SQL developers, Web developers, Oracle DBAs, IT Managers, IT developers, and anyone interested in Enterprise Web 2.0.

Registration is now open and there is no charge to attend this presentation. Visit the MAOP site to register for this event.

Presenter Biography: John Krahulec is a founder, Executive Vice President, and COO of ConceptSolutions, an IT and management consulting firm. John developed the underlying architecture for TURBO, an Enterprise Web 2.0 solution. John has worked with his team to create this software which allows IT developers to easily fuse Web 2.0 technologies with enterprise back-end data to produce Rich Internet Applications (RIA) in an Enterprise environment. With seventeen years of enterprise IT experience, John brings a unique perspective to RIA development, having developed databases for both desktop and Web applications.